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Wayfair rollout: New York clarifies economic nexus guidelines

New York breaks from the holdout pack to implement its own version of Wayfair tax collection guidelines for remote sellers.

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IRS rules on 20 percent tax break

Big savings may be available to millions of small business owners. Final rules clarify how businesses can claim tax reform deduction.

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How High Are State and Local Tax Collections in Your State?

The Tax Foundation maps state and local tax collections per capita in each of the 50 states and Washington, D.C. Where does your state stand?

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[Webinar] Sales tax exemptions: Collect the tax or get the doc (Free-CPE)

Registering a business for sales tax sounds simple. But it can be fraught with contention and bring up concerns as requirements become known. Join Judy Vorndran as she discusses the “why” behind the sales tax registration requirement and how can you best protect your business, people and clients from personal liability.

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Sales Tax Exemption Certificates: Collect the Tax or Get the Doc

For every taxable transaction making its way through the marketplace, somebody should be collecting sales tax. Judy Vorndran writing for CPA Practice Advisor discusses how we got here, the new rules, and how to get compliant right.

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[White paper] How to Determine Sales Tax Nexus

Discover why other states want your business to collect sales tax, and what's required.

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Early policy prescriptions for state tax reform in 2019

​As Governors across the United States set out their policy initiatives for 2019, many are taking a close look at the impact of federal tax reform measures on their state, and how other states are coping.

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[Webinar] Sales tax audit survival guide (Free-CPE)

Nobody likes a sales tax audit … unless you’re an auditor. Leading tax expert Judy Vorndran of TaxOps explains what companies can do to avoid costly penalties and keep a business audit-ready.

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