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TCJA cuts taxes across every income level and Congressional district

TCJA increased the AMT exemption and phaseout, meaning fewer taxpayers filing under the AMT and more able to itemize. Scott Eastman for the Tax Foundations says, ironically, this means more taxpayers will claim a limited SALT deduction under TCJA than previously.

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Colorado DOR offers businesses a grace period before enforcing eSales collections

New Colorado sourcing rules take effect December 1, requiring retailers doing business in the state to react quickly to new sales tax collection procedures. The Colorado Department of Revenue is expecting full compliance by March 31, 2019, giving business taxpayers a grace period during which to get up and running with the rule changes.

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[Webinar] Who's on the hook? Managing risk from sales tax registration (Free-CPE)

​Registering a business for sales tax sounds simple. But it can be fraught with contention and bring up concerns as requirements become known. Learn to navigate the process with Tax Specialist Judy Vorndran during this 1-hour, free-CPE webinar.

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[Webinar] Why is sales taxability so hard to understand? (Free-CPE)

Demystifying taxability in the post-Wayfair world.

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[Webinar] Sales Tax Exemptions: Collect the Tax or Get the Doc (Free CPE credit)

For every taxable transaction making its way through the marketplace, somebody should be collecting sales tax. Judy Vorndran discusses how we got here, the new rules, and how to get compliance right.

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Wondering whether economic nexus has reached your state?

Wondering whether economic nexus has reached your state? Check out Avalara's state-by-state guide to sales tax economic nexus rules.

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Seeking amnesty for past tax transgressions

With renewed focus on state taxes, more businesses are seeking amnesty for past tax transgressions. States want to help.

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Colorado focuses on eSales tax collections: What it means to businesses

Colorado's aggressive eSales tax collection rules create a destination sourcing requirement and further imposes statewide local sales tax collection responsibility for any taxpayer with nexus in the state.

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