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[Webinar] ​Navigating a changing sales and use tax environment

Join Judy Vorndran and's Matt West for a free-CPE panel discussion of steps you can take to help your clients maintain compliance in this turbulent sales and use tax environment. Includes Wayfair updates.

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Why nexus more critical than ever

States cannot require an out-of-state seller to collect and remit sales and use tax unless the seller has a "substantial nexus" with the state. With no clear and complete definition of nexus, remote sellers have work to do to see if they need to collect sales tax now.

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Tax due diligence strategy #2: Save more now, set a higher price later

Boost business value with tax saving strategies well before you go to market.

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The High Cost of Client Noncompliance--Part 1

As an accountant, you can help clients avoid the crippling cost of noncompliance by ensuring they know their obligations and are prepared to meet them upfront. Read on AccountingWEB...

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South Dakota wins: Say goodbye to tax-free online shopping

Businesses and consumers likely to see quick changes within states eager to tax internet sales.

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Wayfair gives states greater power to tax: Are you ready?

With Supremes decision on Wayfair, states have even greater power to selectively require businesses to collect sales and use tax. Are your tracking systems ready?

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Extensive tax reform a done deal in Iowa

​Iowa signed an extensive tax reform bill into law, modernizing and simplifying the state's tax laws.

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Get ready for market-based sourcing in Colorado

Moving to a market-based sourcing method will alter how businesses allocate their federal income to the various states in which they operate.

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