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[Webinar] Sales Tax Exemptions: Collect the Tax or Get the Doc (Free CPE credit)

For every taxable transaction making its way through the marketplace, somebody should be collecting sales tax. Judy Vorndran discusses how we got here, the new rules, and how to get compliance right.

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Wondering whether economic nexus has reached your state?

Wondering whether economic nexus has reached your state? Check out Avalara's state-by-state guide to sales tax economic nexus rules.

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Seeking amnesty for past tax transgressions

With renewed focus on state taxes, more businesses are seeking amnesty for past tax transgressions. States want to help.

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Colorado focuses on eSales tax collections: What it means to businesses

Colorado's aggressive eSales tax collection rules create a destination sourcing requirement and further imposes statewide local sales tax collection responsibility for any taxpayer with nexus in the state.

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The fix is on: Simplifying Colorado Sales Tax enters active phase

All businesses in Colorado will reap rewards from a simpler sales tax system. And for the first time, one is taking shape, spearheaded by the Coalition to Simplify Colorado Sales Tax. Here's a recap of the Coalition successes to date that have led to the active phase we are now entering and your invitation to join the movement.

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Minnesota DOR Updates 2019 Filing Season for Tax Year 2018 FAQ

The Minnesota Department of Revenue updates FAQs to accommodate the differences between federal and Minnesota tax laws.

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How small is small? Making sense of economic nexus small seller exceptions

Nearly 30 states have adopted economic nexus since the Supremes decision in Wayfair ruled physical presence in a state is no longer the sole requisite for sales tax collection. While all provide an exception for small sellers, the exceptions are not all the same.

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How local taxes can impact small businesses

The Sales Tax Institute takes a closer look at the impact of local taxes on three separate retailers in Illinois.

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