Judy Vorndran appointed by Governor to sales tax task force

On June 27, Judy Vorndran, lead state and local tax partner at TaxOps, was named to the Sales and Use Tax task force on Tuesday, June 27, for a three year term. The task force, authorized in HB17-1216 during the 2017 legislative session, establishes a task force to study best ways to make sense of the state's mystifying and complex web of sales taxes. The law received overwhelming bipartisan support on its way to being signed by Governor John Hickenlooper.

The fifteen-member task force represents a cross-section of private and public constituents that include legislators, public officials, service providers, and businesses. Judy will serve in the capacity of an "individual with state and local sales and use tax accounting experience."

The task force’s first duty is to study the challenges in sales tax reform and make its initial report to the legislature by November 1. You can follow the progress of the task force at Tax News.

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Complex, ambiguous, and confusing, key lawmakers in Colorado think the state's decentralized sales tax system is due for an overhaul. Join me in the Simplify Colorado Sales Tax coalition, which is helping to make sales tax reform happen for the benefit of all Colorado businesses and consumers.

Grassroots movement to simplify sales tax fast-tracks reform in Colorado

Colorado Sales and Use Tax task force appointee Judy Vorndran is working to help fast-track sales tax reforms that benefit companies and consumers throughout the state. Get the File »

Learn more at Simplify Colorado Sales Tax coalition.

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