Webinar: Federal Tax Reform Trickle Down

Federal tax reform trickle down: What your clients are facing

Join Judy Vorndran as she discusses the pressures businesses are under in the wake of federal tax reform, and what we can do to reduce that pressure in this study group for members of AAA-CPA. 


With the passing of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, broad sweeping federal tax reform is now in place. States across the union are rapidly working to understand the trickle down impact on revenue streams and competition. For businesses, the impact at the state level will be significant. Find out what you can do to help your clients equalize and plan for changes to come at the state level. We'll discuss a number of emerging issues at the state level and strategies you can use to get the most for your clients from the changes to come.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding conformity in your state
  • Pass-through changes and how the states are reacting
  • Planning for changes in deductions, credits, and incentives
  • Compensating for heightened scrutiny
  • Where state tax reform stands