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The uncertain future of the NIIT: What it means for your tax planning

The 3.8% net investment income tax is in flux as Congress debates health care legislation. What would the proposed repeal of the net investment income tax mean to high income taxpayers?

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CFOs losing sleep over financial reporting

Manual checks and balances, excel spreadsheets, and more upset the slumber of CFOs.

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Eight significant tax regulations singled out for modification under Executive Order

The Treasury Department review is complete. Now Treasury is asking for your opinion on the eight regulations they have singled out for modification or elimination.

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When are fees for online tools included in domestic production gross receipts?

Recent Chief Counsel Advice demonstrates just how complicated determining the eligibility of gross receipts can be in the tech-space.

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Country-by-country reporting goes online

IRS launches country-by-country reporting pages on

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Minnesota first to enact marketplace provider tax legislation

Minnesota lawmakers expanded collection requirements for remote retailers and affiliates.

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What might happen if a 15% business tax rate becomes law?

Proposed 15% business tax rate may offer savings opportunity for more than just businesses.

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Net operating loss audits risky when records aren't available

Keep net operating loss (NOL) supporting documentation on hand a bit longer to reduce audit risk.

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