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LB&I emerging enforcement actions reflect shifting focus

The process, or work streams, by which the IRS examines potential noncompliance in large C corp, S corp, and partnerships are being put into action to achieve compliance objectives.

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Why noncompliance is more costly than doing it right

States yield broad powers in pursuing back taxes, penalties and fees for tax noncompliance. As a start-up business, you can avoid the crippling cost of noncompliance by knowing your obligations and preparing to meet them upfront.

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Judy Vorndran to teach at IPT Tax Schools in June -- Register now!

Judy Vorndran is on faculty and teaching five courses for the professional association’s State Income Tax Schools I and II the first full week in June. Register now!

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Cast your vote for TaxOps now!

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Trump orders heavy-handed tax regulations to be lightened up

A recent executive order signed by President Trump puts demanding tax regulations under review.

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No more tax holiday for Amazon-users

As of April 1, the online retail giant began collecting sales taxes in all states with a sales tax.

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False tax claims fraught with danger

District of Columbia Council the latest to introduce bill to allow tax-related false claims against taxpayers.

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Colorado Supremes tell travel websites to pay up hotel room taxes

The Colorado Supreme Court says online booking companies failed to collect and remit lodging tax accurately, sticking websites with millions of dollars in past due hotel room taxes.

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