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Ohio’s new web cookie tax challenged by ACMA

The constitutionality, enforceability, and validity of Ohio’s new reporting requirements for remote retailers, which took effect Jan. 1, 2018, are under fire. The American Catalog Mailers Association (ACMA) claims Ohio’s new law exceeds the limitations on state authority to regulate interstate commerce and discriminates against electronic commerce.

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IRS issues updated 2018 withholding tables

Based on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the IRS issues revised 2018 withholding tables.

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Supreme Court to hear challenge to online sales tax ruling (Quill)

The Supreme Court of the United States has agreed to consider a case that has the potential to change how states can tax sales by ecommerce merchants and other out-of-state sellers.

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Why the US Supremes decision to hear Wayfair case is a big deal for retailers

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Wayfair may be a turning point in the way companies think about and comply with state sales tax laws.

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Tax season kicks off Jan. 29: Withholding guidance coming

Filing season begins Jan. 29 and ends April 17, two additional days beyond April 15. Stay tuned for more withholding guidance from the IRS this month.

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Will new use tax laws kill tax free shopping?

Understanding the new use tax laws and their impact on online shopping.

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Does Your State’s Corporate Income Tax Code Conform with the Federal Tax Code?

Conformity is the key to understanding how federal tax reform would impact each state's tax code.

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States see revenue increases coming from federal tax bill

State officials are generally expecting a revenue boost from recently enacted federal tax reform legislation, according to The Tax Foundation.

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