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Multinationals get more clarity on IRS exam focus

IRS announces the next round of compliance initiatives for identifying instances of noncompliance among multinationals.

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IRS safe harbor streamlines R&D credit claims for certain taxpayers

IRS creates a substantially streamlined path to realizing Research & Development credits, according to most recent examination guidance, creating a significant opportunity for eligible businesses.

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Looming tax reform creates year-end business tax planning challenges

Potential tax reform legislation casts a cloud of uncertainty over year-end tax planning for businesses.

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[Webinars, 11/15 and 11/16] Dealing with the (sometimes) taxable and collecting online tax

Catch Judy Vorndran's next webinar on reading the taxing situation right and join Joni Johnson-Powe as she takes a closer look at the when, what and where of online sales collections. Registration open now.

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[Resources] Business owners eager to avoid unpleasant tax surprises

Another great year presenting to engaged and energetic business owners and entrepreneurs at Denver Startup Week! If you weren't one of the 18,885 people who attended this year, here's the resources you missed.

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Treasury recommends significant changes to 8 tax regulations

How will the Treasury recommendations for modifying or removing 8 tax regulations affect you or your business?

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MTC nexus program extends limited time amnesty for Amazon retailers

The Multistate Tax Commission extended the application deadline to November 1, 2017, giving taxpayers two extra weeks to meet eligibility criteria for tax relief.

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[Webinar] Last chance to register for "Negotiating the Upper Hand in the Sales Tax Appeals Process"

Get your free-CPE hour on Tuesday, Oct. 24, by attending this webinar, the third of three presentations by Judy Vorndran in our "Reducing Sales Tax Risk" series.

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