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Avoid Restatements and Material Weaknesses Related to ASC 740

As the tax environment grows more complex, so too does accounting for income taxes (ASC 740). Material weaknesses related to ASC 740 are a leading cause of financial restatements and management disclosures. Mistakes in this area can be costly and include:

  • Loss of investor confidence;
  • Drop in shareholder value;
  • Significant expense related to financial restatements; and
  • Distraction for the company.

Having the in-depth knowledge, tax technical understanding and experience to manage estimates and assumptions related to tax provisions is critical to getting ASC 740 calculations and disclosures right.

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A Closer Look at ASC 740: Accounting for Income Taxes

Explore how accounting for uncertain tax positions can reduce your tax risk, smooth out tax liabilities, and improve financial statement transparency in A Closer Look at ASC 740: Accounting for Income Taxes. Get the File »

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