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Collecting Amazon Sales Tax Proceeding State-by-state

Almost half of all U.S. states now require to collect sales tax from purchasers. Since 1992, the number of states requiring retailers with a "physical presence" to collect tax has been rising. States have some leeway in defining “physical presence,” making it difficult for internet retailers to figure out sales compliance requirements and the business cost of compliance in each state.

The following 23 states now require online retailers to levy a state sales tax on Amazon purchases, according to The amount of tax charged on an order depends on the identity of the seller, type of item purchased and destination of the shipment.


1. Washington
2. California
3. Nevada
4. Arizona
5. North Dakota
6. Kansas
7. Texas
8. Wisconsin
9. Indiana
10. Kentucky
11. Tennessee
12. West Virginia
13. Virginia
14. North Carolina
15. Georgia
16. Florida
17. Minnesota
18. Connecticut
19. New Jersey
20. Maryland
21. Pennsylvania
22. New York
23. Massachusetts


Additional states are expected to join the list in upcoming years. updates the list of states subject to internet sales tax at About Sales Tax.


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