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Trump orders heavy-handed tax regulations to be lightened up

On April 21, President Trump signed an executive order calling on the Treasury Department to review significant tax regulations issued on or after January 1, 2016. Together with the Office of Management and Budget, Treasury is directed to release an interim report within 60 days of the signing date of the order identifying all such regulations that:

Impose an undue financial burden on the United States taxpayers;

  • Add undue complexity to the Federal tax laws; or
  • Exceed the statutory authority of the IRS
  • Once identified, Treasury is further directed to recommend “specific actions” to lighten the regulatory load within 150 days of the signing date of the order. These actions could include:
  • Delaying or suspending the effective date of the regulations, or
  • Modifying or rescinding the regulations to reduce the burden imposed by the regulations singled out
  • Among the tax rules subject to review under the executive order are:
  • Final and temporary regulations under section 385 establishing threshold documentation requirements and tax treatment protocol for certain related-party interests
  • Final and temporary regulations under section 987 addressing transactions within qualified business units of select taxpayers

We’ll keep you updated on the Administration’s efforts to reduce your tax regulatory burden as they develop.

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