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[Webinar] Wayfair rolls out in CO, CA and TX: But what's this about a grace period? (free-CPE)


Wayfair rules have been laid down in 34+ states, including the complicated sales and use tax states of California, Colorado and Texas. Businesses with nexus in these states are scrambling to register and meet new collection requirements by the deadlines, which is something of a moving target when it comes to enforcement. 

We’ll cover the details of how to manage compliance in these tricky states: when to comply and where to go for more resources to bring you up-to-date with sales tax and use changes coming in 2019.

We’ll also leave plenty of time for Q&A so bring your Wayfair-related questions.

Learning objectives

  • Learn who must comply with new rules
  • Understand what’s taxable and what’s not – where, what, when & why
  • Understand destination vs. origination rules
  • Learn special circumstances like with home rule cities in Colorado
  • Learn effective dates and enforcement


Wednesday, March 6 - 10:00 am MT/12:00 noon ET

Cost: Free

CPE credits: 1.0 hour


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