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The ASC-740 Fundamentals Series walks readers through a step-by-step process for preparing an income tax analysis. Everything from basic terminology and definitions through calculating uncertain income tax positions is covered in this 10-part series.

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How to determine sales tax nexus

Discover why other states want your business to collect sales tax, and what's required. Get the File »

What to do when you receive a tax notice

Know whether to go it alone or enlist help when the taxman summons you. Get the File »

A Closer Look at ASC 740: Accounting for Income Taxes

Explore how accounting for uncertain tax positions can reduce your tax risk, smooth out tax liabilities, and improve financial statement transparency in A Closer Look at ASC 740: Accounting for Income Taxes. Get the File »

Pay less tax, invest more with R&D credits

Find out how to take full advantage of research tax credits that could cut your federal and state tax liability. Get the File »

Game changer puts lucrative R&D credits within reach

The R&D credit is now available to companies of all sizes, both profitable and unprofitable. Could your company be one of the beneficiaries? Get the File »

10-Tax Essentials for Growing Businesses

Keep more of what you make by managing the tax implications of your growth strategy. Get the File »

Got Nexus? Learn to Be SALT Compliant

Tap into expert insight with these frequently asked questions on state and local taxation. Get the File »

Getting the Most Out of Net Operating Loss Limitations

Proactively manage net operating loss and tax credit carryforwards following changes in ownership to get the most out of Section 382 limitations. Get the File »

Pre-IPO tax strategies enrich shareholder value

There are many reasons an initial public offering (IPO) doesn’t reach its full potential. Get the File »

Costly business of sales tax audits: Tips to lower risk and cost

Avoid the crippling cost of noncompliance with these easy tips and strategies. Get the File »

Denver Sales and Use Tax for Software Sellers and Purchasers

A practical application of Denver's aggressive sales and use tax code for data processing. Get the File »

Determining your nexus footprint

Confusing and conflicting principles, limitations and laws make determining nexus difficult. Take advantage of these strategies to get a handle on your nexus activities. Get the File »

Expanding abroad, now what?

Four tax tips for slashing international tax bills and improving the success of overseas ventures. Get the File »

Five Tips to Buying Professional Services

When it comes to choosing the right professional service provider to help your business succeed, the number of choices can be intimidating and the stakes high. Get the File »

Grassroots movement to simplify sales tax fast-tracks reform in Colorado

Colorado Sales and Use Tax task force appointee Judy Vorndran is working to help fast-track sales tax reforms that benefit companies and consumers throughout the state. Get the File »

International Tax Strategies for Cross-border Expansion

Effective tax planning can slash global tax bills for businesses moving across borders. Get the File »

Medical Device Excise Tax: Covered and Compliant

Savvy taxpayers may have opportunities to decrease their tax obligations stemming from the medical device excise tax. Get the File »

Tax due diligence strategy #1: Salt clean up

Avoid robbing your business of value. Start with a state and local tax clean up. Get the File »

Transfer Pricing: Practical Issues for Global Players

Tap into the expert insights of TaxOps specialists with these frequently asked questions on hard-to-crack issues related to transfer pricing. Get the File »

Valuable tax functions start here. 5 tools for you

Take our survey and find out how you can add real value to your tax function. Get the File »

When two accounting firms are better than one

Although one size does not fit all, there are compelling reasons for separating audit and tax work among two different providers. Get the File »