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Customized Solutions

We leverage our experience, business knowledge and best practices in evaluating where you stand today and helping you efficiently plan a state and local tax plan for the future. Our comprehensive solutions are geared toward protecting, preserving, and growing your mission. Each solution may include one or more of the following services.

  • Strategic, business-friendly nexus studies
  • Sales and use taxability analysis and actionable roadmaps
  • Amnesty and Voluntary Disclosure Agreement
  • Transaction Planning and Due Diligence
  • Apportionment analysis
  • State tax audit and controversy assistance

Creating value for dynamic businesses by

  • Minimizing tax liabilities
  • Reducing compliance risk
  • Simplifying tax complexity
  • Leveraging tax opportunities
  • Aligning state and local tax activities to broader business strategy
  • Engage partner-led relationships and advisory services
  • On-demand specialists and collaborative teaming
  • Fixed-fee certainty 

Insights & Resources


Our 70+ years of combined state and local tax experience means we've read, recommended and resolved issues across all aspects of compliance, controversy, and risk mitigation. We'll help build a SALT framework that matches your strategic outlook and helps you keep pace with change.

Judy Vorndran

Judy Vorndran

Partner Ph: 720.227.0093
Alex Korzhen

Alex Korzhen

SALT Tax Manager Ph: 763.703.5713
Meredith Smith

Meredith Smith

SALT Tax Manager Ph: 720.227.0064
Connie Zoerink

Connie Zoerink

State and Local Tax Director Ph: 303.653.5335


As a small company in business for 40 years, we’ve been dealing with sales tax in the state where our office and factory are located. But talking to others at trade shows and listening to Judy, I realized there is the probability that there may be additional state sales tax and possibly income tax liabilities because of nexus. We started trying to figure this out on our own. Then we hired Judy and her team to make sure we are moving in the right direction and doing what we need to do to get us to the point where we can talk to other states and become compliant. 

Judy helped us select a sales tax software to use that is a good fit for our company going forward. And with Judy’s help, we’ve focused in on states, have communicated with customers, and are doing what we need to do to get compliant. When you have a good guide, the journey isn’t as arduous.

~Gary Williams, Controller, Lightning Eliminators & Consultants, Inc.



 As usual Judy did an excellent job. She marries practical application with knowledge and law so well. She covers a vast amount of info in a relatively short time and graciously shares valuable resource info.

~Cheryl Rinaldi, VonLehman & Company, Senior Tax Manager/Consultant, VonLehman & Company 



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