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Jamie Overberg

As a tax partner for TaxOps Minimization, Jamie specializes in executing and managing a wide range of tax minimization strategies, including all aspects of the Research and Development tax credit as well as financial reporting requirements under FAS 109 and Fin 48. In addition, Jamie works with Section 199, Section 263A, and Section 382 analysis, calculations, and reporting. She works primarily with clients in the automotive, engineering, manufacturing, software, biotech and oil and gas sectors, and has worked on numerous R&D tax controversy engagements.
Previously, Jamie spent 13 years with the tax practice of Ernst & Young, most recently as a member of E&Y’s National Research and Development practice in Washington, D.C.  In this role, Jamie helped to set standards for the practice and managed R&D work for clients across industries.
Jamie graduated from Drake University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting.  She worked as a financial analyst prior to entering public accounting, gaining valuable project management skills necessary for effectively overseeing large R&D projects.
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