Rachel Sawyer

Rachel specializes in developing tax strategies and business plans for dynamic businesses. With a background in both corporate and public accounting--and in running her own business--she understands the pressing issues businesses grapple with and the pitfalls to overcome in achieving success and meeting stakeholder expectations. She brings that diversified business experience, industry-specific knowledge, and transaction sense to driving best results.

Rachel collaborates with businesses to put tax matters right so leaders can focus on growing their core business. Through a comprehensive tax analysis, she provides businesses with a fresh, holistic review, validating tax strategies and actions required while uncovering tax planning opportunities at all levels--federal, international, and state and local. Among those strategies are opportunities to minimize or defer taxes and reduce tax risk at companies intent on getting cash back quicker, monetizing AMT credits, or achieving other objectives for reducing tax obligations or exposure.
Prior to joining TaxOps, Rachel was the Director of Taxation for Intrepid Potash, Inc. (NYSE: IPI), where she oversaw federal income tax, state income and indirect tax, and R&D study activities. She began her career in a diversified tax role at Ernst & Young.

Rachel is a licensed CPA in the states of Colorado and Kansas. She holds a Master of Accounting and Information Systems with an Emphasis in Taxation from the University of Kansas and a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Kansas State University. Rachel speaks and writes on federal tax, income tax accounting (ASC-740) and tax cash management issues.











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