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“R&D nexus: Who worked on what?” in Accounting Today

Field auditors examining taxpayer claims for research and development credits are pursuing a relatively new line of questioning: “What’s your nexus?” Common in other areas of tax, the concept of nexus is a sticking point in audits for R&D credits. Nexus refers to the connection between a qualified activity (business component) and its qualifying expense. […]

Sales Tax Exemption Certificates: Collect the Tax or Get the Doc

For every taxable transaction making its way through the marketplace, somebody should be collecting sales tax. Your clients that have businesses selling into the resale, wholesale or exempt entity markets fall under a vast web of compliance duties, with the onus on the vendor to get it right. When it comes to sales tax, businesses […]

[White paper] How to Determine Sales Tax Nexus

Insights Although nexus is a relatively simple concept, its application is anything but. Most states make their own rules and define nexus differently. Adding to the complexity is the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc., which opened the door to widespread use of economic nexus to require sales tax collections. While we can’t […]