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Specializing in tax

Our tax-only focus:

  • Enhances value and reduces risk in your best interest
  • Delivers customized tax solutions, leadership, and uncommon partner-level attention, valuable extras that are hard to find at larger and accounting firms
  • Learns your business, enabling our teams to respond to requests and questions faster and with greater accuracy and less duplication of effort

Focused and integrated teaming

Your TaxOps’ team:

  • Is assembled into three distinct specialties to drive the greatest value to you
  • Integrates seamlessly with yours, and each other, to make sure your business and tax strategies are aligned, giving you confidence in your next steps

Customized solutions

Your confidence in the results we’ll deliver is critical to the success of our relationship. Each solution:

  • Is exclusively tailored to your business 
  • Incorporates elements of the most effective tax functions so we can help you  identify tax opportunities, reduce tax liabilities and meet your strategic business objectives

We have typically found that audit and tax professionals at a single firm rarely work together. By using an audit firm and a separate tax firm, we control the direct flow of information and are able to keep TaxOps up to speed on our business operations and issues all while preserving auditor independence. Although it may seem like more work for our operating companies, we have found it easier and much more effective and efficient for us to explain our business to TaxOps rather than having these discussions done internally within a single firm, which can lead to interpretation differences

Andy Kober, Executive VP and CFO, BCI Broadband